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The G2X Jetboard Uses Water Propulsion to Give Surfers a Wave-Less Ride

The downfall of surfing and wakeboarding stems from their reliance on whether conditions and boats often hold people back from the sports, but thanks to the G2X Jetboard, these conditions will no longer hold riders back. Devloped by Swedish manufacturer Radinn, the G2X Jetboard is the latest version of the wireless hand-controlled waterboard. With a 2.8-kWh removable battery, the G2X Jetboard is capable of 31 mph for 25 minutes of use. The battery can be fully charged in just 2 hours, and the entire system is portable enough to fit in the trunk of a standard car and weighs only 88 pounds. 

The G2X Jetboard is currently available in black or white, and can be upgraded with a larger 3.7kWh battery known as the "XL Power Pack." A further upgrade unlocks "Radical" mode and boosts the boards top speed to 36 mph. Riders can further augment the board with a hydrofoil attachment that simply replaces the main jet motor. The extra hydrofoil pushes the board and rider slightly our of the water and provides a completely new riding experience.

Courtesy Trend Hunter

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