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The 'Drais Bike' Has an Enclosed Aluminum Frame

The 'Drais Bike' comes as an exceptional concept piece of transportation equipment that looks to incorporate the rider's smartphone into the mix for advanced control and tracking.

The bike features a section on the handlebars that allows a smartphone to be mounted to track the status of the battery, altitude reached and even the heart rate of the rider. This makes it possible to more effectively track ones health without having to deal with external devices and wearables.

The conceptual 'Drais Bike' is the design work of Moscow-based designer Anton Samsonov whom designed the unit with an enclosed aesthetic to let users customize the look with interchangeable side panels. This satisfies consumer preference for customization when it comes to the technology in their collection.


By: Michael Hemsworth - Oct 4, 2017

References: tuvie

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