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Ground breaking Tech! New Elan Micro Selfie Drone...Must have tech for every smart phone owner. PRE ORDER EOI

* Sorry the video is in Chinese, but you get the idea

Elan Micro Selfie Drone

- 1080 HD camera (Pics and Vids)

- Self charge case (Li rechargeable battery), 6 mins flight time, 15 mins recharge

- Brushless self contained fans 

- 90 grams in weight, about 2/3rds the size of a Samsung 7

- Fantastic compact stylng

- Simple "Toss flight" action to launch the drone

- Simple return back to your palm action when finished filming

- 30 meter elevation max/30 meters distance away flight max

- Bluetooth control integration with your smart phone (set auto hover or control flight and function from your smart phone)

Expected launch:  April 2018 (Exclusive to DEVISAL in Australia)

Price: Expect to pay $290 - $350 AUD delivered

PRE ORDER EOI:  if you're interested in getting this drone, simply fill in the comment box quoting "I'm interested in an Elan Drone" and populate your contact details so we can let you know when the drone will be available.

Be the first to have this fantastic tech and take your SELFIES to a new level....

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