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iBubble: Your Autonomous Underwater Camera The first autonomous diving drone that follows you and captures beautiful footage, hands-free. PRE ORDER EOI

If you’re like us, you know how cool it is to share your diving experiences with people on land. But you also know how complicated filming can be, how it limits your freedom underwater – and freedom is why we dive in the first place. With iBubble, we’re designing the first intelligent, user-friendly and completely autonomous diving drone. It gives you unprecedented possibilities to create underwater movies with your GoPro®. From scuba divers to freedivers, but also recreational snorkelers and spear fishers, boat owners (check under the boat without getting wet) can enjoy iBubble!

Watch the video:



To express interest in PRE ORDERING iBubble, simply add "I want an iBubble' in the blog and include your name and contact details on the blog and we will be in touch when iBubble is ready to start swimming and for purchase.

Price: Expect to pay $2000 +/- AUD including delivery

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