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HAIZE - minimalist urban bike navigation


HAIZE is minimalist navigation device for urban cyclists. 
It is designed focusing on high quality materials, style and simplicity. 

HAIZE works like a magic compass that, instead of pointing north, points to the destination you set in our app. HAIZE leaves you free to choose your own route through the city. It also makes your ride safer by letting you keep your phone in your pocket. If you feel like sticking to the main roads HAIZE also offers turn-by-turn navigation.  


  • 2 navigation modes: “turn-by-turn mode” and “compass mode”
  • Self-regulating LED display for perfect day and night-time visibility
  • Sturdy and high-quality materials
  • Can be used on any bike
  • Wristband to use HAIZE while running, hiking or geo-caching

Currently getting a start on Kickstarter, coming soon.

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