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Costelo AeroMachine, monocoque one piece moulded road carbon bike

We love new Tech, especially when it has style, form and performance.

This monocoque one piece moulded road carbon bike from Costelo in China really fits the bill.  Designated the AEROMACHINE, it was apparently designed after extensive wind tunnel tested and reputedly based on F1 racing car design.  This one piece frame is sure to turn heads and give riders wanting a new frame and set up serious reflection to consider sourcing from Chinese manufacturers; who until recently have not been held in the highest of regard by the road and mountain biking community.  It will set you back b/w $3,000 and $6,000 AUD depending on how you configure it, but this is still well shy of the prices you would pay for a European brand in similar configuration.

Visit: Team BNP Costelo for more info and to follow Costelo.


Devisal can order and deliver Costelo bikes and if you are interested contact us at devisaltech@gmail.com or leave a comment for us in the blog comment section.

If you really want one now, you can order it from our product catalog now...go to our "Form and Function" collection.


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